Princess Diana’s plan to move to America before her death revealed

Princess Diana's plan to move to America before her death revealed

London: The late Princess Diana was planning to leave the UK and move to America a few weeks before her death, a former bodyguard of Princess Diana has claimed in his biography.

In his book Protecting Diana: A Bodyguard Story, Lee San Sim recounted that in July 1997, while on vacation with her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed and her sons in St. William and Harry’s sons were protected from the media.

“The media was interfering in every aspect of the princess’s life and they told me that there was nothing for me to do in Britain, that whatever I did the newspapers would attack me,” the book said.

“She told me that “I want to move to America and live there so that I can stay away from things here, at least people in America want me and will leave me alone” She wants to move to America without her sons. And to a question from the bodyguard, she said that she would never allow her sons to step down from royal duties.

She said she would likely meet her sons during the school holidays. had decided that she would tell the media about leaving the UK.

According to Lee San Sim, he told Princess Diana that “if she did that, the number of journalists around her could increase 10 times”. Didn’t talk about moving.

Remember that on August 31, 1997, Lady Diana died in a car accident in Paris.

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