Priyanka finally revealed her daughter's face, the photo went viral

Popular Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has released the first photo of her daughter Malti Mary with her face.

Priyanka Chopra and Hollywood actor and singer Nick Jones had a daughter through surrogacy at the beginning of this year in January, whom the couple named ‘Maalti Mary Chopra Jones’.

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The actress has so far posted many pictures on her Instagram account along with her daughter, but none of them show Malti’s face, the actress sometimes puts an emoji on the face of the daughter and sometimes posts a picture of the daughter’s head.

However, now Priyanka posted a story on Instagram in which Malti is sleeping and her eyes are covered with a cap, but her face can be seen.

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Screen Shot/Priyanka Chopra

The actress captioned the picture and expressed her love and also created an emoji.

The picture of Priyanka Chopra’s daughter went viral on social media in no time, and the comments from users are also going on.

Many users expressed their opinion and said that the look of the baby girl does not match Priyanka at all, on the contrary, Malti resembles Nick Jonas.

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