Putin is personally commanding operations in Ukraine, US intelligence

Putin is personally commanding operations in Ukraine, US intelligence

US intelligence sources have claimed that the Russian military is divided over how to counter Ukraine’s unexpected advance on the battlefield this month.

According to a foreign news agency, several sources connected to US intelligence say that Moscow is looking to defend itself in both the east and the south. Russian President Vladimir Putin himself gives direct instructions to generals in the field. This management tactic is very unusual in the modern army.

These sources indicated that Putin’s intervention pointed to a breakdown in the leadership structure that fueled the war with Ukraine.

One of the sources told CNN that Russian officials’ interception of the talks led to infighting and complaints from friends and relatives back home from Moscow about the source of the decision.

There are major differences over military strategy with military leaders struggling to agree on where to focus their efforts to strengthen defense lines.

The Russian Defense Ministry has claimed that the North It is redeploying forces to the east toward Kharkiv, where Ukraine has made the most dramatic gains.

But U.S. and Western sources say the bulk of Russian forces are in the south, where Ukraine is also present and operating. Putin announced a partial troop mobilization on Wednesday, calling up up to 300,000 reserves. Hope to join you.

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