Qatar: During the live coverage of FIFA World Cup, a female reporter was robbed

A thief in Qatar swiped the purse of a female reporter from Argentina while she was reporting on air.

According to British media reports, a reporter named Dominique Mezger was covering the first match in Doha when she was suddenly heard saying that money and some documents were stolen from her handbag.

Speaking to Argentinian media after the incident, Dominique said, ‘When I complained to the Doha police, their response surprised me’.

According to Dominique, “Doha police promised to find the accused as soon as possible and they told me that you can punish the accused as you wish, that is, whatever punishment you choose for this person.” It will be given.

How did the event occur?

In a conversation with an Argentine news channel, the female reporter said, “When it was very crowded in the air, people were dancing and I was also dancing, I had all the things I needed in my handbag, including the hotel room keys.” , mobile, money and some handkerchiefs were there’.

According to the reporter, “During the dance, someone opened the zipper of my bag, took out money and documents. At that time, I did not know about the matter because there was a lot of rush. Later, when my reporting was over, I went to the wallet to buy water.” Wanted to take it out, at that time found that the wallet was missing from the bag.

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