Ramla: Israeli army firing, 11 Palestinians injured, 2 arrested

Ramallah: 11 youths were injured by rubber bullets during clashes with the occupying army in Beit Rima, a village northwest of Ramallah, located in the middle of the occupied West Bank, while the Israeli army arrested former prisoner Bassel al-Barghouti and his father. went.

The Israeli army raided the village, where dozens of youths clashed in the middle of the village. Meanwhile, the occupying forces fired live bullets, in which 7 youths were injured by bullets in the legs and 4 others were injured by rubber bullets.

The occupying forces raided the houses during the raid in the village. In a related context, the occupying forces opened fire and shelled tear gas at a funeral in the town of Bait Amr, north of Al-Khalil, as a result of which many people were unconscious for hours. The occupying soldiers prevented the mourners from passing through the main gate of the town. They closed the iron gate installed on it and hurled stun grenades and tear gas shells at them, as a result of which dozens of people were affected by suffocation.

The occupying forces have tried more than once to prevent funerals from reaching the cemetery adjacent to the main road of Beit Rima town.

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