Rare pink diamond symbolizing ‘good luck’ up for auction

Rare pink diamond symbolizing 'good luck' up for auction

France: The world’s most beautiful rare pink diamond, considered a symbol of good fortune, will be offered for auction this year.

According to a foreign news agency, Christie’s Auction House, an organization that auctions rare jewels, masterpieces and other antique and valuable items from around the world, announced that the world’s largest pear-shaped pink diamond weighing more than 18 carats. The diamond will be sold through auction in November.

According to Christie’s, the diamond is considered a symbol of good luck in Asia, so they are hopeful that the diamond will attract the attention of “enthusiasts from all over the world” when it is auctioned in Hong Kong.

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“It is a beautiful stone and a pink diamond of this size is very difficult to find,” said Angela Burden, jeweler at Christie’s auction house.


It should be noted that this light pink chamchamata diamond is mounted on a ring that is flanked by large white diamonds on both sides, the weight of this rare diamond is 18.18 carats.

Earlier in 2018, Christie’s sold an 18.96-carat diamond called the ‘Winston Pink Legacy’ for $50 million.

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