Robots also started preparing potato and onion fries

Robots also started preparing potato and onion fries

California: A company called Flippy 2 has started developing robots that can automatically prepare other foods besides making potato and onion fries. A robotic arm moves by itself in plants with cameras and artificial intelligence.

Removes frozen potato and onion fries from the freezer and drops them into boiling oil. Not only this, it then transfers the prepared fries to a tray and serves them. Flippy 2 also prepares multiple meals simultaneously with different recipes. Thanks to this, the catering staff is not needed as much as before. That it can fulfill orders more quickly.

Mike Bell, chief executive of the robot maker, said in an interview, ‘When a food order comes through the restaurant system, the system automatically transfers the order to the robot. According to Mike Bell, “It works faster, is more reliable, and even happier than humans.”

He said it took five years to develop this robot and now it is in commercial scale operation. The robot takes its name from an earlier robot designed for Philipp Burgers.

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