Russia claims to have killed 600 Ukrainian troops in a rocket attack

Moscow: Russia has claimed that more than 600 of its personnel were killed by rocket attacks on two Ukrainian military buildings in a retaliatory attack.

According to the World News Agency, the statement issued by the Ministry of Defense of Russia said that the Ukrainian army has retaliated against Ukraine in response to the death of 89 of our personnel in the attack on the military bunkers in Donetsk.

The statement added that the rocket attack was carried out on two buildings of the Ukrainian army, killing 600 of their personnel. These attacks were carried out based on highly reliable intelligence information.

Russia’s Ministry of Defense also claimed that a total of 1,400 Ukrainian soldiers were housed in the buildings targeted.

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According to the global news agency Reuters, this claim of the Russian Ministry of Defense could not be confirmed immediately, and Ukraine did not immediately comment on the Russian claim.

However, the mayor of the town of Krematursk in eastern Ukraine said through a Facebook post that the Russian army has attacked various buildings in the city, but no one was killed.

If this claim of the Russian Ministry of Defense is correct, then this will be the biggest loss of life of Ukrainian soldiers since the Russian attack on February 24 last year.

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