Russia: Taliban to buy petrol, wheat and gas deal

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Kabul: An agreement has been reached between the Taliban government of Afghanistan and Russia for the purchase of petrol, wheat and gas.

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This is the Taliban’s first international trade agreement.(Photo: File)

According to foreign media, the Taliban government has formally signed an agreement to buy oil, gas and wheat from Russia, after which there will be strong possibilities for improving the economy of Afghanistan. Afghan Acting Minister of Commerce, Haji Nuruddin Azizi, in a conversation with the media, confirmed the above agreement and said that Russia will provide Afghanistan with 1 million tons of petrol and 1 million tons of diesel annually.

The Afghan Acting Minister of Commerce said that Russia will give 5 lakh tons of LPG and 20 lakh tons of wheat to Afghanistan annually. Haji Nooruddin Azizi said that the agreement will be changed to a long-term agreement after it runs well for an indefinite period, Afghan Ministry of Industry. And trade is working to increase its trade partners.

This is Afghanistan’s first international trade agreement since the Taliban came to power. It should be noted that Russian officials have not commented on the Afghan agreement yet. Nooruddin Azizi said that it is clear from the international data that most of the Afghan citizens are living below the poverty line and his ministry is talking to international organizations to improve the economy.

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