Russia-Ukraine war: More than 40 lakh children suffer from extreme poverty

New York: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the resulting economic crisis have pushed more than 4 million children into poverty in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the United Nations children’s agency UNICEF has said.

According to the French news agency, UNICEF said in a report based on data from 22 countries that children are bearing the brunt of the economic crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, the conflict and rising inflation in Eastern Europe. And in Central Asia, another 4 million children have been pushed into poverty, a 19 percent increase from 2021.

According to the report, after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, Russian and Ukrainian children have been the most affected, with an additional half a million children living in poverty in Ukraine, and Russia is responsible for three-quarters of that number. In twenty-two countries of the world, 2.8 million children are living in homes that are living below the poverty line, Romania is also closer to these figures and there are another 100,000 children suffering from poverty.

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