Salman Khan: I want children but not mother of children
Bollywood superstar Salman Khan had revealed a few years back that he is keen on having children but currently does not want to marry.
Bollywood’s Bhaijaan is celebrating his 57th birthday today, in view of which birthday wishes are being given to him from all over the world including Bollywood industry, fans are mentioning his old stories and statements on social media.
Salman is often seen treating children with affection and love, according to Indian media, mentioning children in an interview given in 2019.

The actor said with a smile that ‘I want children but with children come mothers, I don’t want a mother for a child but children need a mother’.

Salman also said ‘I don’t want the mother of the children but I will have the whole village to look after the children’.

It should be noted that in the past there were reports of Salman Khan dating several actresses, but he has not married yet.

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