Salman Khan's niece is all set to make her Bollywood debut, the film's shooting has started

Bollywood’s Dabangg actor Salman Khan’s niece Eliza is going to make her debut with the film of the renowned Indian director.

According to Indian media, Salman Khan’s sister Alveera Khan and producer Atul Agnihotri’s daughter Eliza Agnihotri are going to make their debut in the Indian film industry with the film of director Soumandra Padhi.

According to media reports, Alizeh Agnihotri has also started shooting for his debut film, Alizeh’s film is slated to release next year.

It should be noted that in March of this year, there were reports that Salman Khan’s niece Alyze will start her career with the film of filmmaker Onish Barjatia, but now it has been confirmed that Alyze will be seen with the film of director Soumandra Padhi. She is going to give her entry in the industry.

Soumandra Padhi is best known for the Netflix film Jamatra One and Two and was also awarded the National Award for Manoj Pajpai’s film Garhya Singh, Born To Run.

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