Sandal Khattak’s reaction to Hareem Shah’s allegations of leaking immoral videos

Sandal Khattak's reaction to Hareem Shah's allegations of leaking immoral videos

Islamabad: Pakistan’s controversial Tik Tok star Harim Shah’s close friend Sandal Khattak’s reaction to the accusation of leaking indecent videos on social media has also been revealed.

Controversial TikToker Hareem Shah has come under fire on social media recently after the indecent videos were leaked and he claimed that the said videos were leaked by his friends Sandal Khattak and Ayesha Naaz.

Sandal Khattak while speaking to private media said that instead of Hareem Shah issuing a statement against me and Ayesha in the media abroad, he should file a case against me, Ayesha and her boyfriend in FIA. .

He told about his relationship with Hareem Shah that Hareem had borrowed money from me for his sister’s marriage and started a fight when he demanded it back.

He further said that since this incident, I have no relation with Hareem.

Sandal Khattak claimed that it is not a big deal for Hareem Shah to leak indecent videos on social media, so he himself leaked these videos.

He said that the name of the man seen in these videos is Hasan Shah when these videos were made, he was the boyfriend of Hareem Shah at that time.

He further said that Hareem herself made her videos viral on social media to get cheap fame, she also has many other people’s indecent videos through which she blackmails people and collects money.

Sandal Khattak said that if Hareem Shah could not prove his allegations, then I would file a case against him for damages.

It should be noted that Hareem Shah often remains the center of media attention due to various controversies and leaked videos, even once the TikToker was detained in Turkey for involvement in a gold and cash smuggling case.

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