Saudi Arabia: 26 people arrested on the charge of illegal hunting

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s environmental security special forces have arrested 26 citizens for violating the environmental protection system.

The arrests were made on charges of trespassing and hunting in prohibited areas in the King Salman Royal Reserve and Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Royal Reserve.

Police recovered three guns, two pistols, 10 air-fired guns, 1453 bullets, five hunting nets, 38) hunted birds and other items from the accused.

Col. Abdul Rahman Al-Otaibi, spokesman for the Special Forces for Environmental Security, said fines are imposed for entering and hunting protected natural areas without permission.

A fine of 5,000 Rials for entering the reserve without permission, a fine of 5,000 Rials for hunting there, a fine of 100,000 Rials for hunting prohibited birds with a net or a gun without permission, and a fine of 80,000 Rials for using firearms for hunting. Is.

He further said that the competent authority decides the fine for hunting.

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