Saudi Arabia: A child drowned in a pond formed by heavy rains

RIYADH: Despite repeated warnings by the Saudi Civil Defense against going out in the rain, these warnings could not save a child from death in Hail area.

The Civil Defense in Hail revealed that it had received information that a child had drowned in a water swamp. The statement revealed that the child’s body was recovered from the swamp.

Hail fell in some areas of the northern borders of Saudi Arabia in Rafah, Al-Awiqli and Arar. Thunderstorm rained in the northern areas of Madinah. Some other areas also received light rain.

The weather continued to be unstable, especially in the Madinah area. Rain continued with varying intensity in some parts of Hail, including North Qasim, Northeast and North areas.

Meteorologist Abdul Aziz Al-Hussaini said that according to the observatories, rain and hail are expected to continue. He explained in his account on “Twitter” that the rainy season will continue in some parts of the areas of Hail, Al-Madin al-Munaura, Al-Makkah al-Mukramah, Al-Jawf, Northern Borders, Al-Baha.

According to them, light heavy rain and hailstorm may occur in Asir, Jazan, North Sharqiya and Kuwait.

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