Saudi Arabia completely rejected the American criticism after the decision of OPEC Plus

Riyadh: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia has announced that “the country strongly condemns the decision of OPEC Plus to be a party in international disputes and rejects such statements.”

According to the Arab media, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that “the OPEC Plus decision was taken unanimously and from a purely economic point of view, which aims to take into account the balance of supply and demand in the markets and stabilize prices by limiting volatility.” To create.

Saudi Arabia also completely rejected statements based on biased view of this decision in international disputes.

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs added that “the country does not implement the decision of OPEC Plus based on political objectives against the United States.”

Saudi Arabia completely rejects statements criticizing the kingdom after the OPEC Plus decision on October 5.

Saudi Arabia completely rejected the American criticism of the recent decision of OPEC Plus, calling it a counterfactual.

The Saudi Foreign Ministry said that the statements criticizing Saudi Arabia are not based on facts and are based on an attempt to present OPEC’s decision outside of its purely economic framework.

“The Saudi Foreign Ministry said the kingdom clarified during its consultation with the US administration that the proposal to postpone the decision to cut production by one month would have negative economic consequences.

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