Saudi Arabia: the dog sent its own owner to jail

Jeddah: In Saudi Arabia, a dog has sent its owner to jail.

According to Saudi media, a Saudi Arabian court has sentenced a Sudanese man to 10 days in prison for violating public morals because his barking dog disturbed his neighbors.

A residential building in the port city of Jeddah kept a dog inside its apartment, but two neighbors filed legal complaints against the Sudanese immigrant with the authorities after the dog barked all the time.

While it was held that the dog had harmed and frightened the neighbours, the case went to court on the proposed complaints where during the hearing the dog’s owner dismissed the complaints as baseless.

However, the Sudanese man who owns the dog barking all the time at the children in the building was found guilty of violating public morals and the court ordered him to be jailed for 10 days and not to harm others and stop keeping dogs in residential apartments. Ordered to sign the pledge to do.

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