Saudi border forces operation, more than 29 lakh narcotic drugs recovered

RIYADH: Saudi border forces have seized more than 2.9 million narcotic pills while carrying out operations against the smuggling of missionaries.

According to Arab media, several operations have been carried out by the Saudi forces in the past in order to prevent drug trafficking, in which the accused have been detained after exporting a large quantity of drugs.

The recent operation was conducted at the Haditha and Rubalkhali border crossings, where 2.92 million Captagon (narcotic drugs) pills were recovered from the smuggler, which he had concealed in electrical wires.
In the second operation conducted at Haditha border crossing, 24 thousand 400 narcotic pills were recovered from the smuggler’s possession, which the suspect had hidden in the drive shaft of the truck.

Last year, Saudi Customs seized 119 million narcotic pills.

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