Saudi hotels obliged to display paintings by local artists

RIYADH: The Ministry of Culture of Saudi Arabia has ordered all the hotels in the kingdom to buy the paintings of Saudi artists and display them.

According to media reports, this decision has been taken as part of the efforts to set new standards in the tourism sector in Saudi Arabia so that foreign tourists can not only be aware of the culture and art of the kingdom, but also increase their interest in Saudi culture. Cause

This new initiative by the Ministry of Culture aims to promote and preserve cultural programs and Saudi heritage in the Kingdom. The Saudi Ministry of Culture has taken this initiative with the support of the Ministry of Tourism.

The collaboration between the two ministries will create an environment to highlight and encourage local talent in Arab painting. The creativity of local painters and artists will be showcased and appreciated.

Apart from photo fairs, traditional cultural foods will also be promoted and tourists coming to Saudi Arabia will have a new cultural experience. This new cultural experience will help make their tourist trips memorable.

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