Severe heat wave, drought worst in Europe

BRUSSELS: Due to the severe heat wave, the situation has worsened due to drought in Europe.

Yesterday, the European Union’s global drought report highlighted the risk of soil drying due to continuous heat waves and lack of rain from May to August.

The report warns that almost half of the EU is at risk of drought due to extreme heat and that shrinking rivers and dwindling water sources are affecting energy production in power plants. And the production of crops is decreasing day by day.

The report published by the Joint Research Center of the European Commission states that the severe drought affecting many regions of Europe since the beginning of the recent year is getting worse in August, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Romania and Hungary, as well as the non-EU countries of the United Kingdom, Serbia, Ukraine and Moldova, have also predicted an increased risk of drought.

Some parts of the EU’s Mediterranean region are expected to remain warmer and drier than normal through November, the report said, adding that the region’s worsening drought situation has eased somewhat.

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