Soccer World Cup: Fifa chief furious at Western countries criticizing

Duha: The head of the world governing body of football (FIFA), Gianni Infantino, accused the host of the World Cup, Qatar of mistreatment of refugees, and expressed strong anger at the countries and individuals who criticized it and called it hypocrisy. Relationship is the only way to improve human rights.

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According to media reports, Gianni Infantino targeted the European countries criticizing Qatar in a detailed and intense press conference before the start of the Football World Cup.

He said that I am a European, we should apologize for the next 3 thousand years for what we have been doing around the world for 3 thousand years before teaching us morals.

“I find it difficult to understand the criticism, we need to invest in education to help these people, give them a better future and give them more hope,” the FIFA chief said.

He said that we should all be self-aware because things are not perfect but reform and change take time. Gianni Infantino said that such one-sided moral teaching is just hypocrisy.

He said that it is not easy to make a decision based on criticism and that too 12 years ago, Doha is ready, Qatar is ready and this will be the best World Cup ever.

Infantino described growing up in Switzerland as a migrant worker, saying he was targeted for being Italian, having red hair and freckles.

He said that the demand for compensation on the basis of equality should not be transformed into a culture war. Nick McGeehan, a member of Fair Square, an organization working for migrant workers, dismissed Infantino’s criticism as unwarranted. Qatar is the host of the World Cup. It has made it clear that it is a country that welcomes everyone, regardless of gender, and has categorically rejected allegations of poor treatment of foreign workers.

The FIFA chief also strongly defended Iran’s presence at the tournament, which recently saw the worst protests after the death of a woman in police custody, saying if football doesn’t bring us together, how will we live in the world because Iran 8 There is a country of millions of people, are they all bad and are they all cruel. Remember that the final of the World Cup will be played on December 18 at Lucille Stadium.

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