Subsea pipeline leak, not an accident but an attack, investigation started

Subsea pipeline leak, not an accident but an attack, investigation started

Moscow: The leakage of the gas pipeline from Russia to Europe in the sea has been declared an attack by Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

After which Europe has started investigating the incident and America has offered security of energy installations to Europe.

According to the British news agency Reuters, there were reports of a gas leak from the Nord pipeline through the Baltic Sea on Monday, which cut off the gas supply.

It is not yet clear whether it was an accident or there were other motives, so who could be behind them.

U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blanken said, “The U.S. is looking into reports of sabotage.”

He also said that ‘If they are confirmed, it will not be in anyone’s interest. German Economy Minister Robert Habakkuk told business leaders on Tuesday that ‘the reason for the leakage is a natural or material one. It is not a bug but it was targeted and attacked.

On the other hand, the German magazine Spiegel reported that “the German government was informed by the CIA in the summer of a possible target of a gas pipeline that Berlin believed to be Nord One.” And there was the Nord to Pipeline.

The prime ministers of Sweden and Denmark say it is clear the pipeline was deliberately damaged, including an element of possible sabotage.

Poland has also alleged sabotage, but has not provided any evidence.

Russia has cut gas supplies to Europe in response to sanctions imposed after the attack on Ukraine, raising doubts about the security of the continent’s energy sources after the incident.

A senior Ukrainian official called the incident an “attack by Russia” and said it was “done to destabilize Europe.”

However, no proof was given by him either. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said at the opening of a new pipeline between Norway and Poland that “we see clearly that this sabotage The action is related to the escalating action in Ukraine.

Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersen said during the news conference that two such explosions have been detected which, although not a direct attack on Sweden, are related to the pipeline incident.

He said that apart from NATO, the Swedish government is also in contact with neighboring countries Germany, Denmark in this regard.

Geologists from Denmark and Sweden have said they have reports of two powerful explosions.

According to the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), these signals are different from earthquake signals and generally resemble explosion signals.

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