Taiwan shot down a drone near the Chinese coast for the first time

Taiwan shot down a drone near the Chinese coast for the first time


Taipei: Taiwan’s military shot down a civilian drone on an island off the Chinese coast for the first time. Authorities claim that the drone had entered Taiwan’s airspace.

Earlier, the Taiwan government had also issued a warning about the presence of Chinese drones on islands controlled by Taiwan near the Chinese coast. Taiwanese officials said that we do not want tension at all, but strict measures will be taken as China will not tolerate such repeated intrusions.

A statement issued by Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said that the drone entered the country’s territory in the afternoon, after which the military on the island tried to warn it and was shot down. The remains were washed away.

The downing of the drone by Taiwan followed an order by President Tsai Ing-wen, in which he directed the military to take tough countermeasures against any provocation. Earlier, while talking to the armed forces, he had said that China is using other tactics, including illegal boundary violations through drones, to threaten Taiwan.

President Tsai Ing-win said that Taiwan does not want to provoke conflicts, but that does not mean that we will not take countermeasures. He stressed that the Ministry of Defense will take timely, necessary and strong countermeasures for national security, Do it.

It should be noted that while expressing a strong reaction to the visit of US Congress Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, extensive war exercises were conducted by China in the coastal areas of Taiwan, after which the tension between the two countries intensified.

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