Taiwan’s announcement of visa-free entry for all countries

Taiwan's announcement of visa-free entry for all countries

TAIPEI: Taiwan has announced the lifting of visa-free entry for all countries and the lifting of quarantine restrictions on foreign travelers to improve the economy after the corona epidemic.

According to international media reports, Taiwan’s cabinet on Thursday approved the lifting of the quarantine ban on the arrival of foreign travelers, which will take effect from mid-October 13.

Previously, foreign travelers arriving in Taiwan were allowed to stay in hotels while local residents were allowed to stay in isolation for at least three days and then leave if they tested negative.

The spokesperson of the cabinet said that the economy of Taiwan was severely damaged due to Corona, which the government is taking measures to remedy, under which the quarantine ban was also removed, this will bring revenue to the national treasury.

He said that because of the quarantine, tourists and foreign travelers were shying away from coming to Taiwan because the hotel quarantine costs were not low.

Declaration of visa free entry for all countries.

Luo Pingcheng said that from next Tuesday there will be visa-free entry for visitors from all countries, we hope that 60 thousand tourists will come every week with this initiative.

He further said that the passengers will have to show negative PCR report on arrival in Taiwan.

According to the report, Taiwan had announced visa-free entry for other countries including the US and Canada last week, and now its scope has been expanded to all countries after positive results.

After the end of the corona restrictions, only those passengers who will have a positive corona test upon arrival in Taiwan will have to quarantine at the hotel for three days and show a positive report.

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