Tale of Kabul: Rumors of adding Avneet Kaur to replace Tevinsha are over

MUMBAI: Rumors of replacing popular television actress and (Alibaba) Dastan-e-Kabul suicide actress Tayunsha Sharma with Avneet Kaur have died down.

According to Indian media reports, the investigation into the case of actress Tayunsha Sharma, who committed suicide on the set of Dastan-e-Kabul on December 24, 2022 (Alibaba), is still ongoing, but there were rumors that Avneet Kaur would be replaced by the late actress.

Best TV drama actress Avneet Kaur’s mother Sonia Nandra has finally broken her silence and confirmed that her daughter will not be replacing Teyonsha Sharma in Ali Baba, Dastan-e-Kabul.

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It should be noted that the rumor was doing the rounds that Avneet Kaur (Alibaba) will play the role of Maryam in Dastan-e-Kabul instead of Teonsha Sharma.

Earlier, the police had arrested the actress’s friend Shizan Khan on the suspicion of murder and had also obtained his physical remand till December 30.

According to the preliminary investigation, Tunisha Sharma had spoken to Shizan Khan before committing suicide and the two had broken up two weeks ago.

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