Tanisha: Nothing objectionable chat in Sheezan's, Indian police

New Delhi: Regarding the Bollywood actress Tanisha Sharma suicide case, the police say that nothing objectionable was found in the chat between Tanisha and Shizaan Khan, however, the police will request for the extension of the actor’s custody.

According to Indian media, the Indian police has revealed that the police had asked for reports regarding the phone call details of Tanisha and Sheezan to find out what were the reasons that led to the actress’s death. Extreme measures were taken by.

According to media reports, the police has revealed that nothing objectionable was found in the chat between the two, the investigation process is on and hence the police will request for an extension of the actor Shizaan’s custody.
The police say that the investigation of the case is still in the initial stages and the police will also question the family of Tanisha.
It should be noted that on December 24, actress Tanisha Sharma committed suicide on the set of Ali Baba: Dastan Kabul, later the actress’s mother suspected Tanisha’s co-star Shizan M Khan, after which Shizan Khan was arrested. had been taken.

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