Tanisha suicide case: Police find written note from make-up room

Tanisha suicide case: Police find written note from make-up room

Mumbai: There has been another development in the investigation of actress Tanisha Sharma’s suicide case on December 24 and a written note has been found in the washroom of the makeup room where the actress committed suicide.

The actress of the play ‘Alibaba: Dastan Kabul’ committed suicide on the sets of the same play. Tanisha was in the makeup room of her co-star Shizaan M Khan and was found dead in the washroom of the makeup room.

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The police say that actress Tanisha Sharma had talked to the accused Shizan Khan before committing suicide, for further investigation, the police have obtained physical remand of actor Shizan Khan till December 30.

The police officers investigating the Tanisha Sharma suicide case have revealed after a major development in the case that Tanisha had a conversation with the accused Shizan Khan shortly before committing suicide, after which she committed suicide.

Police say that 15 days before the actress committed suicide, there was a break-up between Shizan and Tanisha.

According to the police, the accused Shizan Khan had a secret relationship with another girl, with whom Shizan had chatted for one to one and a half hours on the day of Tanisha’s suicide.

The police have revealed that nothing objectionable was found in the chat between the two, the investigation is on and hence the police will seek an extension of custody of actor Sheezan.

Now there has been another development during the investigation and a hand written note has been found from the makeup room. The police say that the written note found in the make-up room reads, “He is lucky to have a co-star like me.”

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According to the police, both Tanisha and Shizan Khan’s names are also written on the slip.

The police have told the court that on the day of Tanisha’s suicide, the two had a 15-minute conversation in the make-up room, after which both of them looked troubled.

The police have also recovered 250 pages of WhatsApp chat data with Tanisha from Shizan’s phone, which is being analysed.

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