Tension rises after Hindu miscreants vandalize church

Tension rises after Hindu miscreants vandalize church

Indian Punjab: Tension spread in Tarn Taran district of Indian Punjab after Hindu miscreants vandalized a three-story church and religious symbols.

According to foreign media, after taking the security guard hostage at gunpoint, the miscreants also set fire to the priest’s car, while the scenes of all these heinous acts were saved on CCTV.

In the CCTV video, a man can be seen hitting the religious symbols repeatedly with a hammer.
A protest dharna is being held by the Christian community in Thakurpura village against this incident, while the protestors have demanded that the criminals should be arrested and the minority community should be provided with protection.

In this regard, political analysts say that the thugs of Hindutva may act on the orders of the fascist Indian government led by Modi in order to defame the Sikh community in the Christian world, especially in America, Canada and Europe, where they are There is good support for the Khalistan referendum.

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