Thailand: 38 Motives and Brutal Killer Revealed at Child Center

Bangkok: The brutal suspect who killed 38 people, including 23 children, by shooting at a child center in Thailand and the motives behind the murder have been revealed.

According to the World News Agency, the brutal suspect who brutally killed children and teachers by shooting and stabbing in the child care center on October 6 was a former top police officer, who indulged in fire and blood for 3 hours and 38 people. was killed.

After 6 days of investigation, the police not only admitted their shortcomings but also told the media in detail about the killer and the motive for the murder and also fired.

Information about the accused

The name of the accused is Paniya Khamrab, who was holding the rank of lieutenant colonel in the police, but due to drug use, he was expelled from the force last year, on which he had approached the court and on the day of the incident, he was also on the first appearance. went where he was ordered to submit a good character certificate.

Pania Khamrab was brought up in a backward area. He studied law and joined the police force with a law degree, but was always angry and used to fight with fellow officers. His wife was also divorced due to the same bitter temper.

After the divorce, he started living with his girlfriend and her son, but he used to beat them too and used to lock both of them inside the house before leaving the house. He used to quarrel in the neighborhood all the time. Neighbors say that everyone was fed up with him, but who would complain because he himself was a policeman.

What happened the day of the incident?

According to the initial information, he had to go to court and as usual there was a lot of quarrel with his girlfriend that day and he went to court by locking her in the house. In anger, the brutal accused reached home from court and found that the girlfriend had gone somewhere else with her son.

He became more agitated and drove off in his mini truck. At the edge of the street, a motorcyclist was knocked down and shot at. The biker crawled to a nearby shop and called for help.

Accused Paniya Khamrab also reached the shop and bought a bottle of water from the shopkeeper, pointed a pistol at the motorcyclist who was lying on the ground in a severely injured condition, but did not shoot him thinking he was dead and sat in the pickup.

From there, the brutal accused reached a square and hit several vehicles, opened fire in which 3 passers-by were killed and around 10 were injured. He got to the child day care, hitting the cars in front of him, firing shots all the way to meet his son, but his son did not come to the center today and he became angry.

The ferocious accused had an argument with the staff and opened fire indiscriminately. Many teachers jumped over the wall and ran to the other side, but 26-year-old pregnant teacher Supapoorn Paramong Mok could not do so.

He reminded the accused that we used to play together as children, we were classmates but he did not listen and shot the pregnant woman dead. The other two women and one man of the crew who came to rescue the pregnant woman were also killed.

After that, the accused proceeded towards the courtyard where 24 children were sleeping. He opened fire all around with firearms and 23 children were killed. Only one girl survived who was covered in blankets.

By the way, there are 92 children in this day care center, but due to rains, only 24 children came on the day of the incident and among those who did not come, the accused’s own son was included. The ages of the dead children are only between two and a half to 10 years.

The brutal accused used to roam everywhere in the center and kill any staff member or teacher he found. After playing Khoon Ki Holi, he reached his ex-wife’s house. After breaking the door, he entered and killed his ex-wife and son-in-law as well.

After heating up the market for murder, the brutal killer shot himself.

Motives for Massacre

According to the police, the motives behind the murder include drug addiction and dismissal from the job due to it, domestic violence due to the mental state of the accused, divorce and then the departure of his girlfriend.

A neighbor told police that the suspect, Punia, also praised the massacre of 29 people by a soldier in another Thai province in 2020 and said he would have killed more people if given the chance.

Due to Pania Khamrab’s quarrelsome nature, he had recently quarreled with the Sarpanj of the village and had threatened to kill him, which frightened the village chief.

Police incompetence

The incompetence of the police will also be proved if the brutal accused drove around the streets armed with weapons and knives for three hours and massacred. Staff at the childcare center also claimed to have called the police for help as soon as the armed killer entered, but they excused themselves from arriving immediately and by the time the police arrived, the brutal killer was done.

The claim of the police that the accused committed the massacre while intoxicated was also proved wrong as no such evidence was found in the blood sample of the accused.

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