The accused who kidnapped and raped the friend fiancee was arrested

The accused who kidnapped and raped the friend fiancee was arrested

Cairo: An Egyptian woman who participated in a global beauty pageant has accused a local company owner and businessman of kidnapping and raping her.

On the other hand, the police have arrested the accused and started legal proceedings against Kayas. According to media reports, this incident is from last February, when a flight attendant and Miss Egypt title candidate was kidnapped and raped by her fiance.

The victim said that the abductor told me that I want to help end the ongoing conflict between you and your fiancé. He took me to an apartment. There he attacked me.

Forced and raped her. Investigation revealed that the accused met a 26-year-old beauty queen known as NA for short.

He was accompanied by his fiancee, who works in the media sector. Met her. She said on the phone that her fiancee is with me and I want to mediate between you guys to resolve the matter.

The girl told the investigating police officer that after reaching and entering the apartment, she could not find her fiance and when she suspected the intention of the accused, she tried to escape but he locked the door and took her into custody.

Stripped her clothes and forcibly raped her causing her to bleed profusely. She added that the accused locked himself in the bathroom of the apartment after completing his crime.

The woman contacted her friends and explained the situation. He reached the spot and took the woman out and reported the incident to the police.

The police have arrested the accused and started action against him. The investigating authorities have decided to refer the accused to the criminal court on the charge of forcibly abducting and raping the girl.

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