The American city is called 'Murder Capital: 9 incidents of shooting in one day

Washington: Three people were killed in 9 shooting incidents in one day in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Due to the record increase in homicides and violent crimes in the city and the problems of police staffing, citizens declared New Orleans the “murder capital” of America.

With 3 people killed in 9 shootings in a single day, the city broke the 1990s record for the highest number of shooting incidents.

This year, 277 people were killed in New Orleans in various incidents, the highest number of murders in a single year since 1996.

Expressing concern over the recent rising crime wave in the city, the citizens disqualified the city’s mayor.

Citizens say that the mayor of the city has failed to maintain law and order and prevent the increasing number of murders and the increase in crime has exposed her incompetence.

Michelle Woodfork, the city’s new interim police chief, said she is working to change the police department’s traditional culture in order to address the city’s growing crime problem.

She said that I want to tell the citizens that I live here and I am one of you so I am concerned about your lifestyle and security.

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