The beginning of a new geopolitical era this year, China is the biggest threat to America

The beginning of a new geopolitical era this year, China is the biggest threat to America

London: The British weekly magazine The Economist has said that 2022 has proven to be the beginning of a new geopolitical era.

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According to The Economist, US President Joe Biden has called the current decade a decisive decade, yet many people have not paid attention to this statement, which means the beginning of a post-Cold War era in which Russia and China The global system dominated by the United States may collapse.

Observers are calling the rivalry between the great powers extremely flawed, amid what they see as Russia’s destruction of Ukraine. The new Cold War itself is highly complex given the complex economic interdependence between the West and China.

According to the Economist’s report, the Russian attack on Ukraine has shattered the principles established after the Second World War. According to this principle, borders should not be changed by force.

The report warns of turning the “borderless” friendship between Russia and China into a true alliance. There is currently little evidence of Chinese assistance in Russia’s war, but authoritarian regimes regularly hold military exercises.

Some senior US officials believe that the two countries will become closer. When China increases its nuclear arsenal to 1,500 by 2035 and the size of its nuclear arsenal approaches the size of the US and Russian arsenals, the US will The new art of three-pronged nuclear deterrence will have to be learned and this will start a new arms race in the world.

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