The bird completed the journey of 13560 km without stopping

The bird completed the journey of 13560 km without stopping

Australia: A bird under the observation of scientists has covered a long distance of about 13560 km in a surprisingly short period of time, which has been confirmed by the Guinness World Record.

Although Bartailed Godot birds are masters of long-distance migration and can reach from one continent to another at great speed. However, experts placed a sensor on a young bird of the Bartailed Godot species and noted its flight, then it was found that it flew from Alaska and traveled thousands of kilometers to reach the Australian state of Tasmania. During this time he did not set foot on the earth, did not eat or rest.

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The bird was tagged with the number 234684 and it would have virtually flown two and a half circles from London to New York, which is also equal to one third of the entire circumference of the planet Earth.

Bird number 234684 was tagged with a 5G standard satellite tag, which continued to identify it. The bird started its journey from Alaska on October 13, 2022 and touched down in Tasmania only after flying for 11 days and one hour.

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The most interesting thing is that this bird of the Bartailed Godot breed is only five months old, which has broken the record set by another bird of its species in 2020 by 350 km. Similarly, in 2007, the same type of bird had traveled a long distance of 11,500 kilometers in one flight. Every year, experts attach wireless radio tags to Bartailed Godot birds to record their movements, which is also useful in breeding research.

During flight, birds take in moisture from the air and get energy from body fat. In this journey, their weight is reduced to half and after landing on the ground, they make up for this deficiency by eating.

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