The Chinese company has started making payments with palm prints

The Chinese company has started making payments with palm prints

BEIJING: A Chinese company has experimented with paying money using people’s palm as a card.

The name of this company is Tencent, whose video has been released on the Chinese TikTok Dwayne. In the video, a person can be seen who gets a soft drink by scanning his palm print. This person belongs to the Chinese social media WeChat which is also the first company to use the facility of Tencent company.

According to the company, its experiments have been going on for several months and for the first time it has been demonstrated in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. Proponents of palm print identification and payment view it as slightly better than other biometric systems. However, there has been a debate over this because palm prints are very easy to steal or duplicate. This is the reason why fingerprint eye impressions are considered more secure till date.

But all technology analysts say that sooner or later, credit and debit cards will be obsolete. On the other hand, David Zeng, Professor of Data Science at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, says that China has been working on palm technology for the past 20 years and is now considering its use.

There are still signs of the Covid-19 outbreak in China and people wearing masks are still avoiding shaking hands. In this context, palm technology can prove to be quite important. But it should be noted that Amazon has already installed palm scanners at its regular 180 stores where the money is deducted from the account linked to the palm and you can take the goods home.

Alipay currently dominates in China due to overpopulation, but there is scope for payments with Palm technology. The Tencent company has announced to give 100 dollars free to volunteers who register initially to try it.

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