The cooking show hopeful arrived for the competition with the shop’s prepared biryani

The cooking show hopeful arrived for the competition with the shop's prepared biryani

If you don’t know how to cook but want to participate in a competition, learn from ‘Chef Humira’ how to participate in a cooking competition in such a situation.

A video of a private channel’s game show is going viral on social media these days. In this video, it can be seen that the stage is set for the selection of the best chef, one after another, the chefs present their best dishes to the host. are receiving praise.

In such a situation, a young girl named Humira comes inside the studio with a box of biryani in her hands and serves the biryani in the box in front of the host judges Chef Amara Noman, Chef Saima and Rabia Anam.

Here comes the twist when Chef Amara Nauman questions the presentation of the food, contestant Humira confesses that she did not make the biryani she presented for the competition but bought it from a shop, hence it is in a box. .

On this revelation of Humira, the host judges say, then why have they entered the competition? On what basis are we to judge you?

To which Humira seems defiant that she has worked hard, stood in line to buy biryani and then after waiting for hours got the chance to come to the studio for the audition.

The clip of this video has gone viral on social media in which social media users are making interesting comments in the comments. One user described Humira as a masterpiece and said ‘Masterpiece in Masterchef’ while another user said that this is what happens if a job interviewer arrives for an interview without reading JD.

Another user likened Humira to himself and wrote, “If I ever enter a cooking competition, I’d do the same.”

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