The heart of the King who proclaimed the independence of Brazil is ready for display

Sao Paulo: It has been 200 years since the independence of Brazil. On this occasion, the real heart of the king who declared independence has been brought to Brazil to be put on display.

According to a private TV report, this heart belongs to Dom Pedro I, who paved the way for Brazil to become an independent country in 1822 by separating from Portugal. The heart has been placed in a golden vessel and flown to Brazil by plane. The people dressed in blue uniforms held this heart very respectfully.

Dom Pedro was the first Portuguese king to declare the independence of Brazil. Now his heart will be put on display at the Independence Day celebrations. Dom Pedro had liberated Brazil against his father’s wishes.

The heart has been preserved in formalin dehyde and before the plane landed, a jet crew flew right and left to deliver the protocol. It should be noted that Dom Pedro I died in 1834 when he was only 35 years old.

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