The Indian actress slapped the harasser

The Indian actress slapped the harasser

In the Indian state of Kerala, a local actress slapped the harassing obscene youth.

According to an Indian media report, actresses belonging to the Malayalam industry were busy promoting their upcoming film at Hulte shopping mall in Calicut along with Creo, when an incident of harassment took place with them.

According to the report, when the actresses were returning from the entrance after the ceremony, a few youths came out from the crowd and took advantage of the panic and attempted to sexually harass them. The actress slapped one such person.

Both the actresses posted on social media about the incident that happened to them and demanded to raise their voice against such persons and give them strict punishment.

Sania wrote, ‘Me and my film team were promoting our new film in a mall in Calicut, where I was showered with lots of love, having trouble handling the security crowd and keeping it up.’

He said that after the program, when I was leaving with my partner Grace Anthony, some people came to us and abused us, because of the crowd, they also abused us.

His co-star shared his ordeal and penned a lengthy note in Malayalam. “I wish no one had to face this kind of unwanted trauma in their life,” he wrote. He added that the film team will take legal action against these persons.

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