The Nobel Peace Prize goes to the names of Russian and Ukrainian organizations along with Belarusian activists

Stockholm: The Royal Swedish Academy awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to the Belarusian human rights activist Alice Byyatsky, as well as the Russian and Ukrainian human rights organizations “Memorial” and ” Center for Civil Liberties”.

According to the world news organization, the Nobel Peace Prize 2022 was jointly awarded to Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. This time the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to two human rights organizations from Russia and Ukraine and an activist from Belarus, who is currently in captivity.

Following are the details of the two NGOs jointly awarded the Nobel Prize 2022 in recognition of their services at the social worker and organizational level for their individual struggle for human rights, peace and democracy.

Captive Human Rights Activist of Belarus

The person who has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize with two human rights organizations belongs to Belarus. Alice Biayatski, an activist for human rights, peace and democracy in the country, started her struggle at the age of 24 alone in 1980 and when a dictator seized power in the country in 1996 and crushed political opponents by force. So Ellis founded a social organization called “Spring”.

This organization resisted the hard-line dictator to restore democracy. By providing free legal and social services to political activists and prisoners, and their families, the Belarusian dictators illegally detained Alice Byatsky from 2011 to 2014. After his release, Ellis intensified his struggle and staged massive protests in the country in 2020, which led to his arrest again in a false tax evasion case.

60-year-old Alice Byyatsky is still in custody and has not yet been charged with false accusations. The government of Belarus wants to stop Alice from fighting for peace, democracy and human rights by applying pressure dollars, but she is adamant, which earned her the Nobel Peace Prize.

Civil Societies of Russia “Memorial”

One of the two human rights organizations awarded the Nobel Peace Prize is the civil society “Memorial” active in Russia, which was founded in January 1989 on the occasion of the fall of the Soviet Union, but after the start of the Ukrainian war in April. In 2022, this NG Or was forcibly closed by the government.

The NGO “Memorial” raised its voice against forced disappearances of political activists in Russia, inhumane treatment of political prisoners, restrictions on freedom of expression and undemocratic laws. Officials were assassinated and faced intense pressure, threats and arrests from the regime, which intensified after the Ukraine war.

Ukrainian human rights organization “Center for Civil Liberties”

The Nobel Peace Prize was also jointly awarded to the Center for Civil Liberties, a human rights organization working in Ukraine, which was founded in 2007 in Kiev. This organization has done immense work for human rights and democracy in Ukraine and by changing public opinion through awareness programs, it has forced the rulers to establish true democracy in the country.

Also, thanks to the struggle of the Center for Civil Liberties, the rule of law became possible in Ukraine and the state became a member of the International Criminal Court, which is an important step in ensuring the provision of human rights. After Russia’s attack on Ukraine in February this year, this organization not only did important work for the protection of civilians, but also set a record of war crimes.

What is the Nobel Peace Prize?

It should be noted that the value of the Nobel Peace Prize is 10 million Swedish crowns, that is, 900,000 dollars, which will be presented on December 10 in Oslo on the occasion of the anniversary of the Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel.

Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel founded the awards in his will in 1895, so the prize is awarded every year on his anniversary, but the names are announced beforehand.

It should be noted that the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to an individual or organization for the most or best work for human rights, increasing friendship between countries, ending the military regime, establishing peace and promoting democracy.

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