The Palestinian nation will continue to fight until the liberation of Al-Quds, Hamas

Gaza: The Deputy Head of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Movement of Resistance (Hamas) al-Sheikh Saleh al-Aruri has said that the resistance forces in Gaza and the West Bank are united to resist the occupying enemy and are developing day by day with its connection to Al-Quds.

The Palestinian nation will continue its struggle until the liberation and victory of Al-Quds. Al-Aroori said in a video speech during the celebration of the 35th anniversary of Islamic Jihad in Gaza that the resistance is capable of “imposing a siege” on the Zionist existence.

He stressed that the occupying enemy has no future on the land of Palestine. Al-Aroori congratulated the Islamic Jihad Movement on its 35th anniversary and saluted its martyrs.

He said that Hamas and the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine are working on unity, strategy and a vision. The differences between the two movements are “minor” and are being overcome. He emphasized that the leadership of Hamas and Islamic Jihad “hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder, we do everything.” I cooperate and we will continue on this path until victory is achieved.

He pointed out that the jihad movement started with the thunder of bullets and the blood of martyrs and sacrifices and it is a stable and principled movement of patriotism and a pure Islamic and jihadist resistance movement. We see the progress of Islamic Jihad as the progress and strength of the Palestinian nation, as we walk this path hand in hand until victory is achieved.

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