The place where Jesus healed the blind will be opened to the public for the first time in 2 thousand years

The Israeli authorities have announced that the place where Jesus gave the gift of sight to the blind mother is being opened to the public and tourists for the first time in 2000 years.

In the archeology of occupied Jerusalem, south of the place known as Madinah al-Dawood, there is a place called Barka Silwan (Pool of Siloam), which is considered very important by Christians and Jews.

According to foreign media reports, archaeologists are currently excavating the site and until the work is completed, the piece of land will be opened to the public in parts, but it could take several years.

The area is already being visited by a small number of people on a limited basis, but full excavation is needed to fully assess the events described in the Bible.

The opening of Barka Silwan to the public was announced by the Israel Antiquities Authority on New Year’s Eve. , this area used to collect water from Ein Silvan (Gihon Spring) and then release the water into underground tunnels.

The mayor of the city, Moshe Levin, says that this area is of historical, national and international importance, opening the area to tourists and the public will bring people here every year.

It is mentioned in the Book of Kings that the construction of Barka Silwan began during the reign of King Hazekia.

According to chapter 9 of the Gospel of John, this is the place where Jesus healed the blind man born blind, and this is the place where Jewish pilgrims must enter the Second Temple. He used to purify himself.

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