The rate of heart disease and blood pressure patients is increasing, reports

The rate of heart disease and blood pressure patients is increasing, reports

Jacobabad: Cardiologist Dr. Tahir Abid has said that the rate of heart disease and blood pressure patients is increasing day by day. , unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity highlight the risks of heart disease.

He expressed these views while speaking on the occasion of a seminar organized by a private company and a free medical camp for heart diseases at the District Press Club Jacobabad regarding World Heart Disease Day.

Dr. Tahir Abid, assistant professor of Ghulam Mohammad Mehr Medical College, further said that World Day is celebrated every year to raise awareness among the public about the prevention of heart diseases and their global impact so that people can prevent heart diseases. Information about prevention can be provided.

He said that heart diseases are dangerous for the precious human life worldwide, due to which 50 thousand deaths occur every day, in Pakistan this number is more than 500, according to the research done on heart diseases every year in the world. 1 crore 77 lakh people die due to heart diseases.

He said that according to the World Health Organization, 31% of deaths in the world are caused by heart diseases, and it is feared that by 2030, deaths due to heart diseases may increase from 1.77 million to 2.3 million. The major cause of heart diseases and the loss of life due to it is the ignorance of the early symptoms of the common people due to lack of knowledge about these symptoms.

He said that the clear symptoms of heart disease include swelling in the feet, dizziness, severe depression, frequent headaches, rapid heartbeat while sleeping and pain in the joints while walking and rest. Getting well is a sign that something is wrong with your heart.

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