The Titanic movie: Some interesting facts about 

The movie Titanic is the movie that was declared a blockbuster and won a record 11 Oscar awards.

The movie made Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio into global stars.

But there are some interesting facts related to this movie which few people know.

Jack didn’t have to die in the movie
In the film, Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) was shown to die, but in reality, the original story was supposed to show that both Jack and Rose survive.

But director James Cameron said in an interview that Jack’s death played a role in the film’s success.

In another interview, he described Jack’s death as an artistic choice, while in recent days he conducted a study to prove to people that if Jack had been on the wooden plank with Rose, both would have died.

11 Oscar Awards but no actor has won an Oscar
Surprisingly, the film bagged a record 11 Oscars but did not win any awards for acting.

Kate Winslet was nominated, but she lost.

The famous line from the film was improvised by Leonardo DiCaprio
When Leonardo DiCaprio first arrived on the ship, he said the famous line I’m the King of the World, a line the director liked so much that he made it into the movie.

The dialogue was later included in the American Film Institute’s list of greatest movie quotes.

Titanic’s icy water was not cold
According to the director, the temperature of the water was 80 Fahrenheit, so it was like swimming pool water, with ice added later.

The film had an alternate ending as well
The video of this ending can be seen below.

Along with cinemas, the film was also released in video cassette form
The film had a long run in theaters and became the first film to be released on videocassette during its general release.

Duration of the film
The duration of the film was 3 hours 15 minutes, but the story of Rose and Jack was completed in 2 hours 40 minutes from start to finish, in which time the actual ship sank after hitting an iceberg.

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