The United Nations will appeal for another 600 million dollars for Pakistan

The United Nations will appeal for another 600 million dollars for Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The United Nations will make a new appeal for an additional $600 million for Pakistan on October 4 to provide immediate relief to millions of flood victims across the country.

According to a media report, in the follow-up meeting of the steering committee for coordination of international aid for flood relief activities, Economic Affairs Division (EAD) Secretary Hameer Karim discussed with bilateral donors and international and domestic aid and assistance agencies. The United Nations will launch a revised appeal for an additional $600 million in relief aid on October 4.

He said that the United Nations had on August 30 made an emergency appeal for $160 million in flood relief but this grant was not considered sufficient in view of the unprecedented disaster.

The government has estimated that its economic growth rate will fall to 2 percent during the current fiscal year, against the budget target of 5 percent, due to the devastation caused by the floods.

It was stated that World Bank, Asian Development Bank, USA, UK, Japan, Turkey, China, European Union, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Petroleum Exporting Organization, United Arab Emirates, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Qatar, Uzbekistan , Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Norway, Jordan, Austria, Nepal, France, Turkmenistan, Russia, Indonesia, Greece and other United Nations agencies such as UNFPA, WHO, FAO, UNICEF, UN Assistance has been received from HCR and WFP.

Hamir Karim told the participants that a relief report would be prepared by October 15 to provide a complete picture of the flood damage and actual relief needs.

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