The US Commission's demand to give India the status of a country of special concern on religious freedom

New York: A new report by the US Commission on International Religious Freedom has expressed serious concern over the ongoing religious extremism, intolerance and coercive treatment of minorities in India.

The report has demanded the US State Department to designate India as a country of special concern for religious freedom.

According to the report, the situation of religious freedom in India was worst in 2022, with the Indian government at the national, state and local levels forced religious conversions, sexual violence, religious extremism, destruction of property including places of worship, arbitrary detention, and killing of Muslims and Muslim journalists. continued to harass.

It has been said in the report that journalists of Occupied Kashmir, Muhammad Zubair and Siddiq Kapan, were illegally oppressed by the Modi government of India, and the issues of religious freedom and human rights in India are still worrying.

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