The US: The worst snow storm: the death toll in various accidents has reached 70

In America, the life system was frozen due to freezing winds and heavy snowfall while the death toll in various accidents reached 70.

According to American media, the number of deaths due to the worst snow storm in the United States has reached 70. 34 deaths were reported in Erie and Niagara counties of New York state.

A stay-at-home order was issued today in Buffalo, New York, with parts of western New York buried under 4 feet of snow.

The American media says that due to the bad weather, the electricity supply to 122,000 homes across the United States has been suspended.

According to the American media, the western parts of New York are likely to receive another 9 inches of snow today, the temperature in Western New York is expected to be between -2 and -6 degrees today.

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