The video of sheep going round in a circle for 12 days is viral

The video of sheep going round in a circle for 12 days is viral

BEIJING: A video is currently going viral around the world in which sheep are continuously going around in a circle without any need. According to the initial reports, the sheep remained in this condition for 12 days.

This incident happened two weeks ago in a rural farm in the North China region. Miao, the owner of the sheep herd, said that first a few sheep started to go around in circles, then the whole herd started to go around in a circle.

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Then there came a time when the sheep suddenly stopped but the circle order remained intact but the most amazing thing is that for about 12 days the sheep continued to move around in a circle and some refused to stop.

A total of 34 sheep were involved and it is not yet understood why they did so. Veterinarians believe that a bacterial disease called listeriosis also causes animals to wander in circles. It causes an internal inflammation of one side of the brain. In most cases, the animal is paralyzed on one side as well.

A similar incident was also seen in Tom Cruise’s film Mission Impossible when the sheep began to wander round. The shooting of the film was stopped during this time.

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