The world record for making the world’s largest croquet in Japan

The world record for making the world's largest croquet in Japan

Tokyo: A team of artisans in a town in Japan has set a Guinness World Record for making the world’s largest croquette using local potatoes.

Jumbo croquettes have been made since 2004 in the town of Isabu in the Hokkaido region of Japan, but the 279 kg croquette made this year won the Guinness World Record.

The team used about 250 kg of May Queen potatoes (a specialty of the region), about 50 kg of beef, 200 eggs and large quantities of onions for this feat.

The record was previously held by the Netherlands where a croquette weighing 225.79 kg was made. After naming the record, the croquette was divided into 1300 parts and distributed among the festival participants.

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