The world’s largest city: An offer of Rs 17 lakh per child to each family for leaving

 The world's largest city: An offer of Rs 17 lakh per child to each family for leaving

The Japanese government has offered to give 1 million yen (over 1.7 million Pakistani rupees) per child to each family that leaves Greater Tokyo.

The aim of the move is to reduce the population of the Japanese capital and its suburbs while increasing the number of people in other regions.

Earlier in April 2022, the Japanese government had announced that families leaving Tokyo and settling in other regions would be given 300,000 yen per person, but this has now been dramatically increased.

Tokyo’s population declined for the first time in 2022, partly as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but policymakers believe it is important to reduce the city’s population and relocate people to other regions of the country.

100,000 yen per child will be given to families who leave Tokyo and settle in other parts of Japan.

Tokyo’s 1,300 local councils have joined the scheme, and officials hope it will help change people’s attitudes about quality of life.

Families participating in the scheme will have to move outside of Greater Tokyo, although they can also move to mountainous areas on the city’s borders.

Similarly, they have to spend at least 5 years in their new homes while one family member has to get a job in a new place, work from home while keeping an old job or start a business in a new area. .

Such a family will have to return the money given by the government if it returns to Tokyo before 5 years.

Keep in mind that Greater Tokyo is the largest urban area in the world with a population of more than 3.5 million.

50% of the money for this scheme will be given by the central government and the rest by the local bodies.

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