The world's most wanted trafficker involved in human smuggling was arrested

The world’s most wanted smuggler involved in human trafficking was arrested.

According to foreign media reports, the world’s most wanted human trafficker from the East African country Eritrea was arrested in Sudan.

Interpol officials confirmed the arrest of the most wanted accused and said that the accused has been arrested with the coordination of the United Arab Emirates authorities.

According to media reports, Kadane Zakris is accused of human trafficking and kidnapping, while the accused also has camps in Libya where East African refugees seeking asylum in Europe are kidnapped and kept.

Kidane is accused of raping a number of refugee women in camps in Libya and demanding extortion after their release.

In a statement issued by the Ministry of Interior of the United Arab Emirates, it is said that two red notices were issued by Interpol in Ethiopia and the Netherlands for the arrest of Kidane.

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