The world's population crossed 8 billion on November 15

New York: The world’s population has crossed 8 billion on November 15, 2022. According to the United Nations, on November 15, the world’s population has crossed the milestone of 8 billion.

On behalf of the United Nations, a countdown was set up on the website, which determined the moment when the world’s population reaches the figure of 8 billion.

The World Organization has also named November 15 as the Day of 8 Billion and it says that it took 12 years to reach 7 to 8 billion. On the birth of a girl in the Tondo district of Manila, the capital of the Philippines, the Philippine media symbolically called it the 8 billionth. Called a child.

This baby girl was born on Tuesday at 1:29 PM local time, the largest English newspaper of the Philippines, Philippine Star, also tweeted about this. Declared the third child, Sadia was surrounded by TV cameras and officials at her birth.

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